Credits:  The Motorcycle Diaries ,  Paris, je t'aime, Central Station, Dark Water

Credits: The Motorcycle DiariesParis, je t'aime, Central Station, Dark Water

“I had the pleasure of working with sound designer and supervisor Frank Gaeta in two very different endeavors. His input was always creative and precise, imaginative and rigorous.”
— Walter Salles | Director

“Frank’s richly textured sound design provided a very key element to the creative success of DARK WATER.”
— Bill Mechanic | Producer
Credits:  Dark Water, Coraline, Hacksaw Ridge

Credits: Dark Water, Coraline, Hacksaw Ridge

Credits:  The Descendants ,  Sideways ,  About Schmidt ,  Election

Credits: The Descendants, Sideways, About Schmidt, Election

“Frank Gaeta uses both ears constantly. Once I watched him fashion a last-minute sound effect out of a squid- by hand!”
— Alexander Payne | Director

“I have worked with Frank on a number of films over the last six or seven years. His attention to detail has amazed me. For example on ABOUT SCHMIDT, Frank took Warren Schmidt’s Adventurer out to the desert and recorded every conceivable sound the mobile home made. It elevated the Adventurer from just an ordinary picture vehicle to a character in the movie.”
— Kevin Tent | Picture Editor
Credits:   The Descendants  ,   Sideways  ,  Nebraska

Credits: The DescendantsSideways, Nebraska

Credits:  Twilight, Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown

Credits: Twilight, Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown

“I loved working with Frank – he spoiled me with his attention to detail and great ideas. We made THIRTEEN on a shoestring, with two different location sound guys recording under crazy-bad circumstances.
Somehow, Frank managed to guide a novice director (and some novice actors) through long days of ADR during the sniffly winter cold season and make it sound professional. He’s got a great intuitive sense of what works and what doesn’t – I learned so much from him and had fun in the process.”
— Catherine Hardwicke | Director

“I have always appreciated Frank’s sound enthusiasm. Each gig we’ve worked on together, he has approached with the same passion. He looks for the sound challenge and creates something unexpected. I’ve been witness to him recording dialogue underwater and mic-ing dogs to get a performance from them!! He is a sound aficionado! Should we talk about budgets? Frank and I have negotiated on quite a few films and I have always been pleased where we end up. I’ve always felt like I got a lot of bang for my buck!!
— Pamela Winn-Barnett | HBO Films
Credits:  Good Will Hunting, Election, Menace II Society, 

Credits: Good Will Hunting, Election, Menace II Society,